Au pair required for two girls aged 9 and 11 years. The family has no other help at home or family close by, so they need an au Pair who is not only happy to help out with the kids transport and schoolwork, but also with some household chores from washing dishes to doing laundry. They do have a domestic helper coming in twice week. They also need help after hours and over weekends on a fairly regular basis that is determined by work of parents. They provide a monthly salary for 15 hours a week, but pay for any overtime or additional baby or dog sitting once a week. The girls require someone to help them to focus to complete their chores.

A lot of the au pair’s task is getting them to do their chores like making their lunch, unpacking their school bags etc. They require someone to help who takes initiative and sorts things out. They work with rewards systems and will be supportive of the au pair in her decisions but they also require that the individual is strong enough to manage any challenging behaviour that may arise (typical of children their age). Having someone who phones mom/dad at work or gets the kids to call them because they aren’t able to get them to do their next task / homework etc. is not going to work for them.

During the school holidays they are often away, and then the au pair would stay at the house to look after the dogs. If they are not away, they need full day assistance with the girls 3 days a week when the domestic worker isn’t at the house. The girls are on a Public School terms – four terms. They pay a daily rate for this which is higher over the weekends.

They consider themselves open minded people, who expect their kids to pull their own weight at home but understand that they still need adult guidance. They have strong personalities and will only be guided by people who are honest and decisive with them.
An au pair who is more interested in their phones than the kids will also not be a consideration. In fact, a hard rule is that when transporting the kids, your mobile is locked away in your boot and not on your lap in the car.

Days & Times

Monday: 15h00 – 18h00
Tuesday: 14h30 – 18h00
Wednesday: 14h00 – 17h00
Thursday: 15h00 – 18h00
Friday: 13h30 – 16h00

R5700 plus R700 petrol

R75 per hour for hours worked in excess of 15 hours per week

Daily Expectations

· Pick Kids up from school and take them to extra-murals.

· Make sure homework is done

· Ensure any special school projects are seen to

· Unpack school bags to make sure no clothes / food stays behind

· Supervise kids making their own lunches

· Ensure that their rooms are tidy and any toys / games are packed away before we get home

· Hang up or take down washing when if there is any

· Clean any left over dishes / pots from the night before on a Tuesday or Wednesday

· Supervise kids unpacking the dishwasher

· A daily Whatsapp message to mom confirming working time in hours (or day rate where applicable) to ensure we are on the same page

Must Have

· Proven ability of dealing with strong willed children

· Safe, reliable transport and valid SA driver’s license

· Highly organised

· Super positive attitude

· Matric minimum

· Excellent English

· Live within 10km

· Be very flexible with time

· Ability to use reward systems with kids

· Basic cooking skills (bolognaise, stir fry, etc)

Other expectations

· Ability to work overtime with short notice, although they will always try to give as much notice as possible. For instance dad works out of town regularly, in which case working to 7:30 to pick one child up from gymnastics on a Monday or Wednesday would be require but known at least a few days before.

· Ability to work the whole day during the school holiday.

· If away for school holiday, to house sit during that time (dog sit)

· Able to babysit where necessary over weekends

· Able to house sit (dog sit) where necessary over weekends

· Do shopping for the house / groceries / pick things up

Will Not Consider

· Smokers

· People addicted to their mobile devices – must be totally present for the kids.

· Mobile phones used in cars. Phone stays in handbag always!

· People who call parents at work to get them to get the kids to listen to them, or to ask if the kids can have TV etc.

Job Types: Part-time, Permanent

Salary: R5,500.00 to R5,700.00 /month


driving: 3 years (Required)
Au Pairing: 2 years (Required)

High School (matric) (Required)

Morningside, Gauteng (Required)

SA driver’s and own car (Required)

English (Required)

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Source: Indeed

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