General House Cleaner Wanted – Apply Now

General House Cleaner Wanted – Apply Now.

Wash bathrooms, mop floors, and clean fixtures.

Sanitize kitchen floors and counters.

Vacuum and wash carpets, and polish and wax floors.

Clean rooms, halls, lounges, and corridors.

Empty and wash wastepaper baskets and ashtrays.

Replenish bathroom supplies and disinfect bathroom floors.

Wash dishes and place them in the dryer.

Arrange dishes in cupboards.

Dust and polish furniture and equipment.

Sort clothes for washing and place them in the washing machine.

Organized washed and ironed clothes in wardrobes.

Wash and organize the linen.

Polish silver accessories and metalwork.

Make grocery lists purchase household items as required.

Ensure all grocery items are stored appropriately.

Hang draperies and dust and wash windows.

Request repair services for broken fixtures and furniture.

Plan menus and cook meals as per employers instructions.

Move furniture as requested and turn mattresses.

Wash and stock towels.

Change bed sheets using fresh linen.

Polish wood surfaces such as bed heads and tables.

Scrub stains and mold from surfaces.

Disposeoff expired food items.

Wipe down appliances and restock house with supplies.

Sweep driveways and ensure they are free of snow.

Put and refresh flower baskets and vases.

Clean upholstered furniture by wiping it down.

Disinfect equipment using a variety of chemicals.

Mix cleaning chemicals using safe practices.

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